We are scientists and researchers who study how to support your teaching efforts. We know that teachers like you are the core of our country's education system. Many factors can help or hinder your success in the classroom -- factors such as training, home support, facilities, and your health.

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We Need Your Help!

We are looking for teachers like you to join our research recruitment pool so that researchers can continue their research to help you. 

What does that mean? Well, at a minimum, it means that you would allow us to occasionally send you opportunities to be involved in research. For example, we may ask for teachers to respond to a short survey about seasonal allergies and how they may affect your energy level in the classrooms. These opportunities may be presented to you in a variety of ways -- an email survey, a phone-based focus group, or even an in-person visit to a research lab. But in all cases, there will never be any obligation for you to participate. This means that you can always say no or just ignore the opportunity.

We need many teachers like you to be involved so that we can understand how experiences vary across the country. We need many teachers to participate so that we can ask big questions! We know this may sound ambitious, but that is why we are asking for your help – we need lots of teachers willing to be part of it.

Be assured -- we will NEVER share your information with outside parties. We hate when it happens to us too.

Any questions? Just send us a note.

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